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Celebrating a year of Planet Coaster

Published on : July 24th at 3:06pm

Join us as we celebrate the first amazing year of Planet Coaster. We look back at the amazing journey so far and reveal a host of ground-breaking new content coming to the game!

On our Main Stage, we will be talking about the first year of our ground-breaking theme park simulation game, Planet Coaster.

Released on November 17, 2016, Planet Coaster allows players to create intricate theme parks, manage their staff and finances, and share all of their work via the Steam Workshop – with the help of elaborate building and shaping tools, and a lot of content to choose from!

Our community has been a huge part in the further development of the game over the past year; with their feedback in mind, we’ve continued to drive Planet Coaster forward with free seasonal updates and even some premium content packs. In return, they continue to blow our minds with the most amazing creations, videos, streams, and collaborations! We cannot thank them enough for that support.

With the game’s anniversary just around the corner, and a new update accompanying that milestone, we want to show you what else we’ve got in store for you! Join this developer-led panel to find out what’s coming in the very special anniversary update!
Main Stage.

Please note that seating is limited (front row section seating will be reserved for Founder's Ticket holders), and standing space will be available in accordance with fire regulations. Make sure you are there with plenty of time if you want to secure your place at the talks.

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