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Frontier Expo: A Day to Remember

Published on : July 25th at 3:01pm

Welcome to Frontier Expo 2017! On Saturday, October 7, 2017, we will be hosting our biggest community event yet!

For those interested in joining us in London and wanting to find out more about Frontier Expo, we’ve put together this overview which shows you everything you can expect on the day. We will continue to update our schedule with more information, as well as posting more news articles regularly for you to get excited about what’s coming on October 7!


Our venue is Here East, in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. As you enter, you’ll be greeted and each person will have to register and show their tickets in order to gain entry. You can bring your ticket either in print or on a mobile device. Upon registration, you will receive a goodie bag, a wristband, and a lanyard with a visitor’s pass. We will have schedules available so you are able to make the most of your day there.

Doors will open at [10.00am]. Once you’re in, you are free to explore the halls, exhibition space, gaming areas, and panels at you wish!

Main Stage

This is where all the major announcements of the day will take place. We will host three consecutive major talks with key content reveals: one for Elite Dangerous, one for Planet Coaster, and one for Jurassic World Evolution. T​hroughout the day there will be multiple interesting talks from guest speakers about topics close to the hearts of our beloved communities.

Please note that seating is limited (front row section seating will be reserved for Founder's Ticket holders), and standing space will be available in accordance with fire regulations. Make sure you are there ahead of time if you want to secure your place at the talks.

Second Stage

On our second stage we are hosting several talks and panels with industry experts, content creators, community members, and more! Drop by and ask your questions and participate in interesting topics.

We will be revealing more detail about all the sessions on both the Main and Second Stage in the coming weeks so make sure to check the News and Schedule pages regularly for the latest updates.

Frontier Arcade

If you are feeling nostalgic, visit the Frontier Arcade! Here you’ll be able to see and play a host of our iconic Frontier games and immerse yourself in the history of the studio.

Meet and Greets

Throughout the day, you will be able to meet and talk to many familiar faces: not only will most of Frontier be in attendance, but we will have special Meet and Greet moments where you can say hello to our CEO and founder David Braben or one of the many very special guests at the event. Keep an eye on the official schedule for more details about when these sessions will be held.

Elite Dangerous Game Stations

Whether you are a seasoned Commander or a Cadet in training we will have dedicated game stations with unique challenges and competitions for everyone to take part in. Put your mettle to the test and take home more than just glory as you try and prove yourself to be the greatest all-round pilot in the Milky Way. This and more will be waiting to challenge you in the Elite Dangerous Gaming Area.

Planet Coaster Game Stations

Try building your own coaster or attend a Planet Coaster Master Class with our master builders! Perfect for first time players or experienced Coaster Heads, take on challenges and events at the Planet Coaster Gaming Stations and let your creativity guide you!

Streaming Booth

During the day we will be streaming several events to viewers at home. Aside from panels and talks at the Main and Second Stage, we have a dedicated streaming booth where you can watch our amazing content creators stream live from the Expo. We will also have a bean bag area where you can relax and watch the action on our relay screens.

Expo Space

While you're here, make sure to stop by our Exhibition Space on the show floor where community pillars and friends of Frontier will be hosting activities and bringing you into their worlds.

Photo Opportunities

There will be plenty of places for you to take unique photos from the show floor – take a selfie with our near-life size Cobra or pretend to be a Planet Coaster guest, then share your images on social media with the hashtag #FX2017 for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Evening Party

To round it all off, the community and developers will be coming together as we host an incredible night filled with music, friends, and fun. Only available to guests ages 18 and over, we invite you to join us in sharing our passion and excitement as we toast to the future!

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