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Frontier Expo: Second Stage

Published on : September 26th at 8:15am

YouTube Gaming, Frontier developers, and more to explore! There’s loads of expert panels for you to dig in to.

With all of our big panels and major announcements happening on the Main Stage of the Expo floor, one would almost forget about the amazing content we’ve got planned for you on our Second Stage. This slightly smaller room will host more topical panels and chances for you to meet and listen to some incredibly talented developers and industry leaders. Take a look below and be sure to attend those that interest you most!

13:00 - YouTube Gaming: Getting Started and Growing Your Channel

Have you been considering a career as a video content creator? Are you inspired by the achievements of major YouTubers or do you feel like you have the talent to make it as well? Do you have a YouTube channel but you’ve got questions or concerns about growing and maintaining your channel?

Our friends from YouTube Gaming will be discussing how to get started on the platform and how to develop your channel over time. Hear tips and tricks right from the source, and get inspired!

14:00 – Celebrating Frontier

Chief Creative Officer, Jonny Watts will be joining us on the second stage for a very special look at the history of Frontier games and what makes them so special.

15:00 - Everything you Want to Know about Coasters!

Coasters are cool. So is Planet Coaster’s Lead Artist Sam Denney! Come and join this panel for an in-depth discussion about coasters, tracks, and everything in between. Don’t expect any #SpoilerSam though, but do join in on the passion and fun.

16:00 - How to Make a Galaxy
Senior Programmer on Elite Dangerous, Dr Anthony Ross, will be delving into one of the most amazing features of the beloved space sim: the 1:1 recreation of the milky way in Elite Dangerous. Stop by and have your mind blown by our awesome space professor, who will be talking about the incredible levels of depth that go into creating the in-game sensation.

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