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I don’t want to miss a thing: How To Frontier Expo!

Published on : October 4th at 3:25pm

So you’re planning to attend Frontier Expo? Amazing, we’re excited to see you! Make sure you’ve got your tickets, travel, and accommodation sorted before you arrive on October 7.

Doors open at 10AM BST!

You’ll go through a bag check downstairs where you collect your wristband and lanyard, then up with an elevator to coat check as well as your goodie bag collection point. Let the fun begin!

At 11AM BST, we will have a grand opening on the Main Stage to thank you all for coming and give you some information about how the day will go. There’s lots of talks to attend throughout the day, depending on where your interests lie. If you’re a renowned Elite Commander, you might want to attend the developer session with Senior Programmer Anthony Ross on How to Make a Galaxy, at 4PM BST on the Second Stage.

If you’re a Planet Coaster Master Builder, “Thrill Engineer” Brendan Walker at 12PM BST will be awesome for you to watch on the Main Stage, as well as Lead Artist Sam Denney’s coaster session at 3PM BST on the Second Stage.

The Frontier Arcade is a beautiful space where you can admire and experience all of the wonderful Frontier titles we’ve released, and accompanying that we’d highly recommend our Chief Creative Officer, Jonny Watts, talking passionately about the history and future of game development at the Second Stage at 2PM BST.

For an entire overview of both Main Stage and Second Stage, please check out - please be aware that seating in and entrance to both areas is limited in accordance with fire regulations. We advise you to arrive to the talks ahead of time.

On the Expo Space itself you can find our partners such as YouTube Gaming, SpecialEffect, and Frontier HR. Aside from attending panels, it’s a good place to walk around and visit for the all-round experience. You can also check out our on-site store for some amazing merchandise; we’ve got some awesome stock shirts, and some amazing new designs that nobody’s seen before!

Of course we have an on-site cafe serving food and drinks, with a bean bag area where you can relax.

We can accept cash (GBP), cards, and Apple Pay at both the merchandise store and cafe.

If you need a little panel break and you love playing our games, go visit the game stations – we have two exclusive on-site competitions running throughout the day, so it’s well worth your try!

Between 10AM and 7PM BST on the Planet Coaster stations, you can go and build the most original, fantastical, mind-blowing scenery item and upload it to the Steam Workshop with the #FX2017 tag and name. Make sure one of our on-duty Ambassadors signs your name, and you’ll have a chance to win a Year Pass to a theme park of your choice! The top 5 winners will receive all Planet Coaster DLC keys. The winners will be announced on the show floor after 8PM.

Between 10AM and 7PM BST on the Elite Dangerous stations, you can take part in the official #FX2017 Buckyball Run – race across the galaxy along a pre-determined route! Our Ambassadors will monitor your progress and time, and the Ultimate FX2017 Buckyball Champion will be able to name their own star system in the game.

Last but not least, at 8PM BST is when the actual party starts! Enjoy the start of the evening with our amazing musical guests between 8PM and 12AM BST – you don’t want to miss what’s going on there; it’ll be a special celebration!

We cannot wait to see there, and hope you’ll have an amazing time.

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