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The Origins of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

Published on : September 11th at 10:00am

We’ve all asked the question ‘could Jurassic park be real?’. Turn up to the main stage to find out what a bone-a fied dino expert thinks.

A few weeks ago we announced our newest title in the works, Jurassic World Evolution. As huge fans of the Jurassic universe we’re delighted to be bringing this game to life. We’re also super-excited to be announcing our next guest speaker that will be making his way to Frontier Expo 17 all the way from the USA.

World-renowned Palaeontologist John “Jack” Horner will be taking to the stage to give us a talk unlike any other.

Jack will go in to detail about some of the incredible discoveries he’s made over the years, including the largest concentration of dinosaur bones ever found, and his discovery of the first nest of baby dinosaurs in the world!

According to various sources, Jurassic Park’s Dr Alan Grant is based on a mix of Jack and one of his colleagues, Bob Bakker. Jack will go in to detail about this, and his other incredible experiments with extracting dino DNA, as well as discussing how his work landed him a job as a technical advisor on Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

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